Product introduction

  • マルチビタミンEX
    Multivitamin EX

    1 capsule /day 250mg tablet

    V.A 150 μg. V.B1 5mg, V.B2 5mg, nicotinic acid 7.5mg, V.B6 5mg, folic acid 100 μg, V.B12 10 μg. biotin 50 μg. pantothenic acid 4.4mg, V.C 100mg, V.D 2.5 μg. V.E 7.5mg per tablet.

    Because does not contain vitamin K, people who take warfarin or other drugs to prevent blood coagulation can also take it at ease.

  • Basic

    1 capsule /day 440mg CP

    DHA 111mg, EPA 15.3mg and DPA 2.4mg per capsule

    It contains DPA, which is 10 times more effective than EPA in preventing atherosclerosis. DHA is an ingredient found in the heads of blue fish such as tuna and is thriving as a way to improve mental capacity. It is effective in lowering cholesterol and neutral fat, improving lifestyle-related heart and vascular system disorders, dementia, depression and improving memory.

  • 沖縄珊瑚のカルシウムEX
    Okinawa coral’s calcium Ex

    2 capsules /day 400mg tablet

    calcium 101.25mg, magnesium 5.06mg and vitamin D3 1μg per capsule

    It is calcium from coral collected in the clean waters of Okinawa and also contains vitamin D3, which improves calcium absorption. It is not only the main component of bones and teeth, but also helps with mental stability, nerve transmission, and muscle contraction.