Product introduction

  • Herbs
    Sousyuu Toiki

    2 capsules /day 250mg tablet

    Champignon extract 21.63mg, Rooibos tea extract 10mg, Rubus extract 8mg, Lactoferrin 1.25mg, Lactoperoxidase 0.16mg.

    This product contains ingredients that act to eliminate unpleasant odors from the body.Reducing body toxins and eliminating odors from within the body leads to good health.

  • Herbs

    2 capsules /day 300mg tablet

    cranberry juice powder 125 mg, cranberry extract powder 15.75 mg, dried pepo pumpkin seed extract 5mg, dried pomegranate seed extract 19.4mg per tablet.

    Cranberries are said to prevent and improve urinary tract infections. Pumpkin seeds in this formula regulate female hormones and reduce urinary tract disorders, while pomegranate seeds are effective in menopausal disorders, suggesting this product as a countermeasure for complex women's problems.

  • Diet
    Garcinia & Salacia

    3 capsules /day 300mg tablet

    Garcinia extract 100mg, salacia powder 60mg, salacia extract 5mg, citrus extract 10mg per tablet

    Garcinia extract contains high amounts of hydroxy citric acid (HCA), which prevents the body from converting excess sugar into fat. Salacia reduces the absorption of sugar. Appetite suppressing citrus extracts are also added.

  • Diet
    Diet Burn

    2 capsules /day 250mg tablet

    Alpha lipoic acid 37.5mg, L-carnitine fumarate 12.5 mg , citrus extract 12.5 mg, citric acid 25mg, vinegar 7.5 mg, soy peptide 12.5mg, red pepper extract 1.25mg per tablet.

    Contains 7 ingredients that work to increase the body's metabolism and burn fat to support daily weight loss. It is more effective when taken before exercise or before taking a bath.

  • メリロート&シトルリン
    Melilot& citrulline

    2 capsules /day 300mg tablet

    Merillo extract 50.1 mg, L-citrulline 21 mg, potassium 26.05mg per tablet

    Coumarin, the active ingredient of melilot, improves venous and lymphatic flow. Citrulline is an amino acid that has vasodilating and blood flow improving properties. In addition, it contains potassium to remove excess salt and water from the body.

  • リポ酸+L-カルニチン
    Lipoic acid + L-carnitine

    2 capsules /day 400mg tablet

    Lipoic acid and 75mg, L-carnitine fumarate75mg per capsule

    L-carnitine not only prevents the excess energy source in the body from turning into fat storage, but also turns the fat stored in cells into energy. In addition, lipoic acid can improve metabolism and promote the combustion effect of L-carnitine. The combination of the two ingredients can help lose weight.

  • ギムネマエキス

    3 capsules /day  300mg tablet

    Gymnema extract per capsule

    Gymnema, an Indian medicinal herb, is said to be a glumar (a sugar destroyer) and has been used to treat diabetes. Gymnema itself is not absorbed, but it inhibits the absorption of sugar in the intestines. It is recommended to be taken before meals to cut calories.