Product introduction

  • CoQ10Neoプラス
    Co Q10 Neo plus

    2 capsules /day 263mg capsule

    Coenzyme Q10 Inclusion Complex 50mg (10mg of Coenzyme Q10 ) L-carnitine 30mg, alpha-lipoic acid 20mg per capsule.

    Coenzyme Q10 Inclusion Complex is... (1) Highly absorbable! Blood concentration after 10 hours is 18 times higher (canine test), (2) Increased endurance! Maximum oxygen uptake is 13 times higher (human test)

  • スクワレン

    1 capsules /day 400mg gelgap

    250mg shark liver oil (squalene extract) 250mg per capsule

    The liver of the blue shark, which lives in the deep sea, contains large amounts of squalene. Squalene, which is needed to adapt to the harsh deep-sea environment, is also useful for humans. It has the effect of increasing metabolism, strengthening liver function, activating skin metabolism, and cosmetic moisturizing.

  • ハトムギエキス
    Coix extract

    2 capsules /day 250mg tablet

    Coix extract 150mg per capsule

    Coix called “yiren” in Chinese herbal medicine, is believed to have many functions, such as improving rough and dry skin, beautifying skin, removing warts, improving swelling, anti-tumor action, and stabilizing blood pressure. It is also said to be effective in improving atopic dermatitis.

  • リポ酸+L-カルニチン
    Collagen+Hyaluronic acid

    2 capsules /day 350mg tablet

    Low molecular collagen peptide 280mg, low molecular hyaluronic acid 14mg and vitamin B1 6.05mg per capsule

    It contains collagen, which is expected to have skin beautifying effects, hyaluronic acid produced by a fermentation method, and vitamin B1, a nutrient that helps maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes.

  • ルテイン&ビルベリー
    Lutein & Bilberry

    1 capsules /day 400mg gelcap

    Lutein (free) 10mg, zeaxanthin 1mg, bilberry extract 10mg per capsule

    Lutein is found to be one of the pigments in the macula, which is the central part of the eye's retina. When the macula degenerates due to aging or ultraviolet light, it can cause macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, etc. Lutein and bilberry can effectively prevent these diseases.

  • 国産サメ軟骨EX
    Shark cartilage (Japan made)EX

    2 capsules /day 300mg tablet

    Shark cartilage extract made in Japan 210mg (chondroitin sulfate 42mg, type II collagen 33.6mg), vitamin B1 0.6mg per capsule

    The proteins in shark cartilage contain substances that inhibit the growth of new blood vessels involved in cancer, thus preventing the growth of cancer. In addition, it is expected to relieve joint pain and moisturize the skin. It contains vitamin B1, which helps keep the skin and mucous membranes healthy.

  • 醗酵グルコサミン
    Fermented glucosamine

    3 capsules /day 350mg tablet

    glucosamine hydrochloride 250mg, cat’s claw extract 3.5mg olive leaf extract , 1.75mg per tablet

    It is plant-derived fermented glucosamine, which is safe for people with shrimp and crab allergies. In addition, it contains cat's claw extract, which relieves rheumatic pain and stiffness. It also contains olive leaf extract, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and is a bone and joint care ingredient.