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Greetings from the President

Living with plants and animals in land and sea

We live in the spaceship “Earth”. Noah's Ark in this universe has a large natural circulatory ecosystem.
Our bodies have a similarly complex system and ecology. Just as the earth is slowly being eroded by human activity today, I fear that our bodies are being eroded in the same way.
We believe that "our good health" will lead to the happiness of all people and society, and will help us to pass down the "Earth" to future generations. The products made from nature in their natural form are safe and gentle to the body.
"Hokan Iryo Seiyaku" seeks to create "health" from natural materials and make it with the help of nature.
Our theme is "to utilize the latest machinery, technology, and knowledge while respecting the wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation.
We hope that our products, created with pride, will be used by ourselves and our families, and recommended to our friends and neighbors, so that happiness will spread. Spreading happiness through mental and physical health - that's what makes us happy.

Company Philosophy

Based on naturalism, we aim to harmonize mind, body, and environment.

People are living off the bounty of nature, but we have unwittingly forgotten this, neglecting materials and ecology as they are in order to reduce costs and increase productivity. Everything should be at its best in its natural state. And we have not forgotten this in the creation of our products. We are committed to making natural raw materials in a way that makes the most of their function, paying particular attention to their origin and production methods.
Through our products we keep our customers healthy and beautiful.
We believe that the ideal state is one in which both mind and body are in balance. We believe that in the future complementary and alternative medicine (CAM: Complementary and alternative medicine) will play an important role in our lives.
We also have a vision of always being beautiful, both inside and outside of the body.
As a health food manufacturer, we want to make products that can live in harmony with nature.

Company Profile

Company name Hokan Iryo Seiyaku Co.,Ltd.
Established Mar 15, 2002
Paid-in Capital ¥ 10,000,000
Health food (diet, beauty, nutritional supplements)
Planning, manufacturing, sales, sales of bulk formulation (granules, hard capsules, soft capsules) and contract manufacturing
Natural food (health tea)
Planning, manufacturing, sales and contract manufacturing
Cosmetics (health care, skin care, soap)
Planning, manufacturing, sales and contract manufacturing
Herbal tea and aroma essential oils
Planning, importing, manufacturing and sales
Health food ingredients
Planning, import, processing (sterilization, extraction, powder, granule), manufacturing and sales
Filling of probiotics product
Filling, mixing, packaging, and quality inspection during production
Contact TEL:06-6782-1001
Offices Office & Factory
3-1-10 Takaidanaka, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka 577-0065, Japan

Nearest station
Takaida-Chuo Station on JR Osaka Higashi-Line
Takaida Chuo Station on the Osaka Metro Chuo Line
Consultant Haruo Watanabe, Doctor of Science in Agriculture → click here for details
Notification of functional foods, etc. and other research support → click here for details

Academic Advisor Yukio Yoneda, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Kanazawa University, Neurotheanine Supervisor and co-developer
Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Palliative Pharmacology
Neurotheanine is available here↓

For more information about his career, click here.

Accounting Advisor Masao Oishi Certified Public Accountant Director of Oishi Accounting Office

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