Product introduction

  • 牡蠣エキス&シジミエキス+オルニチン
    Oyster Extract & Clam Extract + Ornithine

    6 capsules /day 250mg tablet

    Oyster extract 12.5mg, clam extract 6.25mg, and L-ornithine hydrochloride 12.5mg per tablet

    Since ancient times oysters and clams have been considered to be beneficial to the liver. The oyster extract known as "sea milk" is paired with clams that improve liver function. It is combined with ornithine, a nutrient found in clams (equivalent to about 800 clams / 6 capsules).

  • イチョウ葉エキスEX
    Ginkgo biloba extract EX

    2 capsules /day 250mg tablet

    Ginkgo biloba extract 50mg, L-citrulline 30mg, garden angelica extract 5mg, vitamin E 1.015mg per tablet.

    Ginkgo biloba extract is a capillary dilator that promotes blood flow to the brain and extremities. It is effective in preventing dementia, memory loss and colds.

  • どくだみエキス
    Houttuynia cordata extract

    2 capsules /day 250mg tablet

    Houttuynia cordata extract 125mg, houttuynia cordata powder 50mg per tablet

    Known as the "ten herbs" in Chinese medicine, houttuynia cordata is considered to have many beneficial effects. It promotes intestinal motility and urination to remove waste from the body. It activates nerve cells and muscle tissue and regulates the autonomic nervous system. It is also effective in treating colds, sinusitis, hot flashes, vertigo, tinnitus, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

  • 桑の葉
    Mulberry leaf

    2 capsules /day 250mg tablet

    Mulberry leaf extract 75mg, mulberry leaf powder 100mg per tablet

    DeoxyNoJirimyci (DNJ), an ingredient unique to mulberry leaves, suppresses the rise in blood sugar levels and is effective for diabetes and high blood pressure. It also lowers blood cholesterol and neutral fat, and is effective for dieting, lifestyle-related diseases, cancer prevention, and intestinal regulation

  • Orient
    Ju seigen

    2 capsules /day 250mg tablet

    Mamushi powder 10mg, Soft-shelled turtle powder 10mg, Fur Seals Skeletal Muscle Hydrolysate 4mg, Maca powder 30mg, Zinc 3mg, Piper longum 4mg, Kura-Chai-Dum Powder 10mg, Mucuna Extract 3mg, Siberian ginseng extract 4mg, L-Citrulline 40mg per tablet

    One tablet contains 10 ingredients with nourishing and strengthening effects. It gives vitality and is effective in improving blood circulation and coldness.

  • 四種茸
    Four kinds of mushrooms

    2 capsules /day 250mg tablet

    Mesima Mushroom Powder 50mg, Yamabushi Mushroom Powder 50mg ,Chaga Powder 25mg, Agaricus Mushroom Powder 21mg, Agaricus Mushroom Extract Powder 21mg per tablet

    Four kinds of mushrooms effective for immune activation and anti-oxidation in one capsule! It contains Yamabushi Mushroom, which contains new ingredients (Hericenone, etc.) involved in improvement of learning and memory impairment, and Mesima Mushroom, Chaga, and Agaricus, which are said to be good for immune activation.

  • ビルーベリー&カシス
    Bilberry & Cassis

    2 capsules /day 250mg tablet

    Bilberry extract 25mg, Cassis extract 25mg, vitamin A 125µg per tablet

    It combines extracts of bilberry and Cassis from Northern Europe. The anthocyanin pigments have been shown to be good for eye health, but also work as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and capillary protective agent. It also contains vitamin A, which is good for eye health.

  • Herbs
    Sousyuu Toiki

    2 capsules /day 250mg tablet

    Champignon extract 21.63mg, Rooibos tea extract 10mg, Rubus extract 8mg, Lactoferrin 1.25mg, Lactoperoxidase 0.16mg.

    This product contains ingredients that act to eliminate unpleasant odors from the body.Reducing body toxins and eliminating odors from within the body leads to good health.

  • Herbs

    2 capsules /day 300mg tablet

    cranberry juice powder 125 mg, cranberry extract powder 15.75 mg, dried pepo pumpkin seed extract 5mg, dried pomegranate seed extract 19.4mg per tablet.

    Cranberries are said to prevent and improve urinary tract infections. Pumpkin seeds in this formula regulate female hormones and reduce urinary tract disorders, while pomegranate seeds are effective in menopausal disorders, suggesting this product as a countermeasure for complex women's problems.

  • Diet
    Garcinia & Salacia

    3 capsules /day 300mg tablet

    Garcinia extract 100mg, salacia powder 60mg, salacia extract 5mg, citrus extract 10mg per tablet

    Garcinia extract contains high amounts of hydroxy citric acid (HCA), which prevents the body from converting excess sugar into fat. Salacia reduces the absorption of sugar. Appetite suppressing citrus extracts are also added.