OEM of health-care products

Do you have any of the following problems?

Rejected by other companies due to lot size and cost issues…
The equipment cost, labor cost and other costs are too high…
There are many things I don't understand about the…

The things we can do

We are committed to making our guests' requests our top priority. We take our customers' needs as a matter of course. Therefore, we have "expertise to solve immediate problems and worries" and "the ability to respond calmly to unreasonable problems and accidents on the spot".
We understand that many of you may have various concerns before you contact us, and we will faithfully respond to any inquiries you may have regarding OEMs, things that other companies have refused to do, or any other small concerns you may have.

Three reasons for choosing us

I can recommend it to my own family
~Creating products that are safe and secure~
There are many companies that offer OEM services, but we can confidently promise our customers that we will not be surpassed by any other company. We are confident in our approach to creating products. Our quest is to create products that we can confidently recommend to our own family members and loved ones.
When you need it, as much as you need it
~High-mix, small-lot manufacturing service~
We have earned the strong support and trust of our clients by continually responding to their requests in the best possible way. Please do not hesitate to ask us about your "capricious requests" that are usually rejected by other companies.
Total Coordination
~From product planning to sales promotion~
There are many processes involved in the creation of a product before it is ready for sale. After a good product is completed, package design, labeling, etc. are also involved. Our experienced staff provides total support to our customers with an attitude of not just making the product, but also working with the customer after the product is made.

About products

We sell our own products as well as contract processing.
Please take a look at our products, which are made with the utmost care and attention to the health and wellness of our customers.

About the flow from inquiry to delivery

  1. ①Market research and product design
    Determine product specifications based on customer needs and product concept.
  2. ②Make a sample
    We procure raw materials that meet client needs and product concepts.
  3. ③Manufacturing Decision
    Discuss the samples with the customer and decide to start manufacturing.
  4. ④Production
    Production is carried out in a thoroughly hygienic environment and is also based on delivery dates and the number of units produced.
  5. ⑤Shipping
    Shipment will be made to the pre-designated delivery location in accordance with the delivery date.

Contact us

It doesn't matter how small the problem is.
Please contact us to find out more.
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