Mr. Haruo Watanabe

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Mr. Haruo Watanabe

After graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture of Kyoto University, he completed his master's degree at the same university and became a fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). He then studied in the laboratory of Professor J.W. Hastings at Harvard University.
Since his return to Japan, he has been working as a part-time lecturer at the Graduate School of Nagoya University, the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Kinki University, and the School of Life Sciences of Toyo University.


October 1965 Passed the University Entrance Qualification Examination
April 1966 Entered Department of Agricultural and Forestry Biology, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University
March 1972 Graduated from Kyoto University
May 1972 Intern, Kyoto University, Faculty of Agriculture
April 1973 Entered Master's Course, Department of Agricultural and Forestry Biology, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
(Apr. 1973-Mar. 1975 Commissioned research student, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Osaka University, studying luminescent bacteria)
April 1975 Entered the doctoral course of Kyoto University
March 1978 Completed the doctoral course of Kyoto University


March 1975 Bachelor of Agriculture (Kyoto University: Agriculture No. 1425)
November 1978 Doctor of Agriculture (Kyoto University: Agricultural Science No. 289)

Research and career history

Apr. – Nov. 1978 Fellowship Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Applied Botany Laboratory, Kyoto University)
Nov. 1978 – Oct. 1980 Studied abroad in Professor J.W. Hastings Laboratory, Harvard University
Nov. 1980 – Apr. 1982 Intern, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University (Applied Botany Laboratory, Kyoto University)
May. 1982 – Apr. 1989 Senior Researcher and Senior Staff, Biochemistry Division, Toyobo Co.
Jul. 1989 – Sep. 1991 Tohoku Electronic Industry Co.
Seconded to Inaba Biophoton Project, New Technology Development Corporation (now Japan Science and Technology Agency)
Apr. 1992 – Mar. 1996 Manager of Development Laboratory, Professional Services Department (Division Manager)
of Marion Merrell Dow Corporation (now Sanofi Group)
Aug. 1996 – Sep. 2005 General Manager of Scientific Information Department, Development Division (Division Manager),
General Manager and Chief of Regulatory Affairs Department, Development Division Specialist, Regulatory Affairs/Quality Assurance Department of Hospira Division (full-time contract position) of Dainabot co.,Ltd. and Abbott Japan (now Abbvie)
Sep. 2005 – Sep. 2009 Full-time contract employee of Cross Corporation, General Manager of Scientific Information Department and General Manager of Health Food GMP
Dec. 2008 – Nov. 2010 Seconded employee to Dainichido Corporation, contract employee (development academic advisor, full-time): Tokuho permission
Oct. 2011 – Mar. 2014月 Daikoku B Warehouse, Daikoku Office, Yokohama Branch, Kanto Branch, Mitsui – soko Group (full-time)


Head of Quality Department, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (Biologics product Category; Packaging Category)
Manager of Biological Products Manufacturing (Approved on April 12, 2012)

May 2014 – October 2015
Toyo Shinyaku Co.,Ltd.

Second-class marketing license for pharmaceuticals sales consulting: Approval of manufacturing and sales items

April 2015 – October 2020
Functional Foods Council
Preparation of functional food notification (contracted work)

November 2009 – October 2020
Kansai P&M Center A building, Kansai Branch Office, Mitsui-soko Co.
Biological Derived Product Manufacturing Manager (Approved November 1, 2017)

November 2020 – present
Hokan Iryo Seiyaku co., Ltd. Academic counselor


81 publications (as of July 1, 2021)

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